Kew to Uxbridge

Sunday 28th March 2010
13 miles

I’ve started this blog in order to record all my walks in one place and hopefully motivate myself to do more long-distance walking. Hopefully I’ll become a bit healthier too.

What better way of starting than to meet up with Mick & Gayle! Having followed their blog for a few years, I was delighted to read that they’d be walking through London as part of their route from Kent to Cape Wrath. It was very exciting to be able to meet them in real life. We were lucky with the weather, too: I thought it was going to rain, but the clouds held themselves together.

Thirteen miles is about the furthest I’d ever done in one go. Would I be able to manage it again or would I have to drop out half way through? Luckily, the route mainly consisted of the Grand Union Canal which is all flat, so no strenuous hills this time; the second half of the walk also coincided with part of the London Loop. Our walk started just after 8.30am and we finished at lunchtime, conveniently near a tea shop. It was a much earlier start than I was used to; we covered the route in only a few hours and I was quite surprised when I realised we’d nearly reached our destination. It really made me think differently about how far I could walk in a day. Now that I know I can walk thirteen miles by lunchtime, a day of sixteen to twenty miles suddenly feels a lot more achievable. Obviously it depends on the terrain, but I’m a lot more confident now that I can go much further than I previously thought.

Gayle & Mick were lovely people and I’m really glad I met them. They gave me lots of advice about backpacks, maps and other walking issues. The walk itself was a lot more picturesque than I’d expected.

About an hour after I got home, my legs started to ache and continued to do so all evening. However, when I woke up the next morning they felt absolutely fine again.

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