Chorleywood to Chesham

Sunday 11th April 2010
8 miles

I have OS Explorer map 172, known as Chiltern Hills East, which covers the areas around the end of the Metropolitan Line from Moor Park to Amersham. I keep returning to the area and have done lots and lots of walks around there. I’ve been to Chorleywood so many times that the map is getting worn out. So today’s challenge was to find a route using as many paths as possible that the other people in the group hadn’t done before.

From Chorleywood Station we headed south-west along the road, then joined the Chiltern Way heading north through Carpenter’s Wood. We went through a tunnel under the railway, where there was an interesting piece of graffiti: a spray-painted painting of can of spraypaint.

After crossing a main road we continued up a track near Chenies Manor House, then continued west along a ridge which gave us great views, before continuing through the lovely West Wood and Lane Wood. Eventually we turned north-west along Latimer Road where we passed an old mill, then turned north-east towards Blackwell Hall where we passed a cow standing in the river.

From this point onwards we joined the Chess Valley Walk, a walk which I have already done several times, for the rest of the way to Chesham. We were officially off the map, and even though I knew the route I still felt slightly uneasy about being off the map! As soon as we got home, I placed an order for the Chiltern Hills North map so that we’ll have some new routes to look at.


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