West Highland Way: Fort William to London

Friday 13th August
Several hundred miles

There is a sleeper train that goes from Fort William to London.  The train also goes through some of the most stunning scenery going.  Why would anyone want to sleep through it when you can see this?!

One of the interesting things about the journey is Corrour Station.  The only thing there is Corrour Station House Hostel, and further down towards the loch there’s Loch Ossian Youth Hostel.  There are no roads at all, so both places are only accessible on foot or by train.

The journey from Fort William to Glasgow takes just under four hours, but it’s absolutely worth going during daylight hours instead of overnight.

It’s amazing to think that I live on the same island as all this.  We think of Britain as being a crowded place, but in fact there are vast stretches of this island with practically nobody there.

Even once you head south from Glasgow, you go through the Lake District so it’s still very pretty.  After a certain distance south, things start to feel very odd as you realise how flat the landscape has become and start to wonder where all the hills have gone.

And then you get a culture shock by getting on the tube on a Friday night, and then again on Saturday afternoon just before a football match.  Down here in the south east, things tend to be a little squashed.

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