The Ridgeway: Wendover to Tring

Thursday 20th January 2011
7-8 miles

I enjoyed yesterday’s walk so much that I decided to head out again today.  The weather was a lot more grey and miserable than yesterday; it was drizzling on and off all afternoon.

The route starts off skirting the edges of Wendover and passing St Mary’s Church, which is currently being refurbished.

The path then goes round in U shape through Barn Wood and Hale Wood.  The woods were gloomy at first, and then became misty.

I like walking through woods in theory, and I usually love the atmosphere.  But there was also a slight feeling of uneasiness.  The path was very obvious, and the Ridgeway signposting was excellent as always, but I’ve been lost in a forest before.  I knew where I was, and paid close attention to the map, but there’s always this feeling at the back of my mind.  I wish I could relax a bit more.  Still, as I mentioned yesterday, in this part of the world you’re never very far away from a road, village, building, or some other kind of navigational feature.  The woods aren’t that huge, and if you really lost the path you could keep on walking in any direction and you’d eventually reach somewhere populated.

Further on towards Hastoe, there was a repeat of yesterday’s theme of friendly, welcoming signs.

The route continued around Wigginton, then crossed the A41, before finally arriving at Tring Station.

There isn’t really much to say about the route, to be honest, except that I squelched through a lot of mud.  The woods were lovely, but the rest of the walk was somewhat marred by the gloomy weather.  Still, it was nice to get out and about again.  There’s only one more section of the Ridgeway left to do now.


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