Røros, Norway

Wednesday 21st – Thursday 22nd December 2011

On Wednesday we took a train from Trondheim to Røros, which took about two and a half hours.  Røros is an ex-mining town, with many people still living in buildings that are hundreds of years old.  We arrived in the evening, when it was properly cold at -20°C.  There was plenty of snow, which was dry, squeaky and glittery, giving us a much better grip and making it quite easy to walk on.  We stayed at a gorgeous hotel called Erzscheidergården, which had a very cosy feel and the staff were friendly.  It was a small hotel, and you could tell that they really cared about it.

Thursday was the shortest day of the year, and we only had a few hours to explore.  When we walked down the road, the whole place was completely silent.

In the centre of Røros is a beautiful church.

We visited part of the Røros Museum, the Smelthytta or smelting hut, with an exhibition about the copper works that used to be there.  They do guided tours at other times of the year.

Apart from that, we just walked around and looked at the sights.

We had lunch at The Soup Station, perfect for such a cold winter’s day, before making it to the station just in time to catch our train back to Oslo.  The first forty minutes or so of the train journey took place during daylight hours, and we passed through some beautiful scenery.


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  1. ladyfi says:

    Such beautiful shots! The ones of the church are very nice.

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