Trondheim, Norway

Monday 19th – Wednesday 21st December 2011

We’re staying in Oslo for a couple of weeks.  On Monday afternoon we flew up to Trondheim to visit some friends.  At 63°25′ North, it was the furthest north I’d ever been.  Two days before the Winter Solstice, sunrise was just after 10am and sunset was just before 2.30pm, although twilight lasted longer than I’m used to.

Our friends live in a hilly suburb, with a lovely view of the fjord from their window.  I didn’t manage to take a decent photo, and this one was the best thing I could muster up.

We had wanted to visit the Ringve Museum, which is full of musical instruments, but we found out in advance that it was closed for the winter.  If you’re visiting at this time of year, it’s a good idea to look up opening times online beforehand.

On Tuesday morning we went to Nordenfjeldske, a museum of textiles and ceramics, amongst other things.  The exhibitions go into quite a lot of detail about how different types of fabrics are made.

At -2°C, Trondheim was quite warm by Norwegian standards.  There wasn’t that much snow, so a lot of the pavements were icy and slippery and we had to be careful.  I wish I’d been able to get some better photos of the town, and especially the fjord, but there was limited daylight so it was difficult to fit everything in.  Here’s the few things I managed to capture.

In the evening we went to Rockheim, an exhibition of pop and rock music.  It was great fun, with lots of interaction, and is highly recommended.  It’s in a rather interesting building.

On Wednesday we took the train to Røros, more of which is in the next post.


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