Camley Street Natural Park, London

Sunday 12th May 2013

Camley Street Natural Park was created in 1984, on land formerly occupied by a coal yard in the industrial area of King’s Cross.  When development of the area was proposed in 1982, a local wildlife group noted that the land had been colonised by wild plants, and suggested it be actively used for conservation of plants and wildlife.

Having been to another nature reserve elsewhere in London that was disappointing, I was really amazed by Camley Street Natural Park.  Standing on only two acres of land, it’s been carefully planned out, with beautiful footpaths, fruit trees, and a pond with ducks and turtles.  There’s a visitor centre with public toilets, and entrance is free; it’s open every day except Saturday.  Once you start walking around, you could almost forget you’re round the corner from King’s Cross.  You do hear a bit of noise from nearby building work and so on, as would be expected, but you really can feel like you’re getting away from it all for a short while.  It’s an absolutely beautiful place.  It’s also worth visiting St Pancras Old Churchyard on the way.


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