Grand Union Canal: Harefield to Watford

Saturday 14th December 2013

5 miles approx

Toilets: Public toilets in Harefield; Kings Arms, Harefield; Old Orchard, Harefield; Coy Carp, Coppermill Lane; Bury Lake; Batchworth Lock Canal Centre; Watford Station (Metropolitan Line).

Last week we only managed to walk five miles because we had such a great time at the Old Orchard pub in Harefield.  This week, we booked a table for an early lunch at the Old Orchard again, then set off on our way to Watford.  We rejoined the canal by Black Jacks Lock.


We saw lots of interesting canal boats along the way, including this one advertising Thorium, the fuel of the future.


I always like the view of locks that are right next to bridges.


The route was picturesque for a while.  A bit further on we passed some sewage treatment works, which smelled just like you’d expect.  Later on were some permanent moorings around Springwell Lock, and we started to see some weird sights.


On the plus side, we were lucky enough to meet a heron who was friendly enough to pose for the camera.


More interesting sights.


2013-12-14-984 2013-12-14-985 2013-12-14-987 2013-12-14-989Later on we passed a couple of turnings off to visit the Aquadrome at Bury Lake.  We carried on to Batchworth Lock near Rickmansworth, where there was a visitor centre and small outdoor cafe.  We didn’t have time to stop for long, as sunset was just before 4pm.  On we continued.


I loved this boat called Crink Cronk.


The canal went under the Metropolitan Line just before Croxley.  It was an interesting mix, such a rural atmosphere but still with the tube in sight.  Whoever lives in the house at Lot Mead Lock could see it from their home.  We kept up a good pace to finish before nightfall, leaving the canal at a small road called Gade Bank, from where it was about a fifteen minute walk to Watford Met Station.  The station is due to close when the Croxley Rail Link is completed in 2016.


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